Acoustic Sessions

by King Hiss

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released April 18, 2015



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King Hiss Belgium

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. King Hiss however, was given 4 man mountains. A scrumptious R&R hodgepodge that will keep your teeth sharp is the end result. This hodgepodge will be a true delight to any metal, hardrock, hardcore or stonerrockkid.

This rock and roll leviathan is moving in for the kill. King Hiss will claim the throne once more.
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Track Name: Temple of the Eye (acoustic)
I caught you playing in my backyard
Your lips were wet as well
A soft sound of agony
As she drew breath to yell
I like to share with you my candy
Until you’re satisfied
Until it’s morning light

Rushing in my head
Creeping in my blood
Waking in my soul
Rushing in my head
Creeping in my blood
But you can’t affect my wretched soul

I know you’re tired of being lonely
Just drop your man
I can give you all the things
That he doesn’t understand
I like to share with you my candy
Come on, let me inside
The hound shout a battle cry


When it’s late
You’ll find me in there
I’m tapping the code between your legs
When It’s late
My mind walks into
A state of dream
But now I’m awake

Track Name: Guilty Pleasures (acoustic)
Rise up another day
Fierce but precious wine
Fear is on my mind

White lines meeting my needs
Reckless confidence
Raging bull of greed

Breaking up a line
Nourishing my spine

I feel free to fall deep
Gaze upon my gods
Echoes what is lost

Failing to restrain me
I’m a hungry man
No need to understand

Breaking up a line
Nourishing my spine
Burning down my home
When it takes control

Spinning wheel turning round
In this Labyrinth of time
Spinning wheel turning round... and round
Dodging the black dice

I feel so alive
Blindly choosing life