Snakeskin [EP]

by King Hiss

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released 07 April 2013




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King Hiss Belgium

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. King Hiss however, was given 4 man mountains. A scrumptious R&R hodgepodge that will keep your teeth sharp is the end result. This hodgepodge will be a true delight to any metal, hardrock, hardcore or stonerrockkid.

This rock and roll leviathan is moving in for the kill. King Hiss will claim the throne once more.
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Track Name: Snakeskin
Through centuries of pain
Our liberty lies in chains
Under the sign of the cross
We pay now for their loss

Conspiracy of belief
Is fueled by unbridled greed
The passage of dark times
has made me stronger

Snake skin has covered the poor
But not anymore… not anymore
King Hiss will claim the throne once more

Crippled by false modesty
They’re trying to brainwash me
Under the sign of the cross
I'm coughing up my angry heart


Claiming my reign once more
Track Name: Into The Mountains
She's in love with the dead
She likes to bury herself
She hold this strange interest for the occult and I
I just shook my head
That is how it all ended,
We really grew apart,
She used to wear bright colours
She wears black now,
The devils' mark across her heart

Baby, evil is so passé

Will she be home tonight or sleep in a coffin?
Will the kids be alright or will she feed them to the darkness
I grow callous inside and hunt down that bastard
Will my girls be alright?
They disappeared into the mountains

She's on a date with disaster
Now, who will save the day
This ain’t the movies so forget about your hero
He ain’t coming but my shotgun will

Chorus x2
Track Name: D&F
I wish there was a way for me to snap my fingers
and tempt the devils daughter. Yeah, she gives me fever.
The siren sings and sniffs cocaine
She wants to suck me in and spit me out again.

You can call me an addict, but that’s the way I roll
All our bodies come and go, I just need one for the road.
Forgive me if I stutter now
The cat is moaning ‘cause the wolf is here to howl

My baby likes it when I carve in her body
When she’s exited, all the neighbors complain
Lashes of pink and red painted on her body
We’re so addicted to this pleasure and pain

If I’m late again, you can start without me
I will crown you later if it makes you happy
Let’s kill the lights, darkness obeys
I’ll be the hammer baby, you can be the nail


She likes the simple pleasures
The taste of things to come
She likes the simple pleasures
She knows that she’s the one

Track Name: Endorphine
You walked the streets in a daze
It’s the way it must be
Why won’t you play ball with me
Give me something to feed on

My fingers clawing your skin
This must be your first time
you let someone in
you let someone in
Track Name: Rollergirl
Wheels are spinning round and round again
She takes the beating, gets right up, she wants to win

Go go rollergirl
Go go rollergirl

She likes to flirt with danger like a cartoon heroine

Yeah, everything's alright with my rollergirl by my side
Got the feeling it's okay, when my rollergirl is here with me

Flaming skates are getting closer, yeah
Badass bunnies taking over, yeah

Go go rollergirl
Go go rollergirl

She’s the kind of woman, makes the kind of man I am

Chorus x2

Don’t stop that girl
Track Name: The Greater Good
I have a monster on my mind
I want to kill it, but I’m out of time
It’s a game that I choose to play on my own
It’s a drug I can’t live without
smelling like a bloody old sacrifice
Rubbing my scars to remember my name
to remember my name

Locate the power plug of the machine
Humanity invents to strangle me
Buy me a ticket, I want to get out of this place
And I can’t help but losing hope
My neck is tied to choke on
Face the facts, a cancer can’t be cured by a fake belief in the greater good

I’ve blown a hole in my head so I can keep sane
I’ve killed my foe, like it’s a videogame

And I can’t help but losing hope
My neck is tied to choke on
Face the facts, an answer can’t be cured by a fake belief in the greater good

Track Name: Word Made Flesh
Bring out your dead now, bring out your dead now
The meds are kicking in hard, I just want to be sure that I’m not gonna faint
Bring out your dead now, blood oozing over your hands
Blood is the bribe for the ferryman. I hope the cops will understand

She holds the key to every crime
Oh lady doctor, working overtime
she’s a demon woman
She guards the entrance to my soul
Lady doctor, I’m under your control
she’s a demon woman

This is my word made flesh, my testament of decay
We’re on an elevator to hell, you can see by the marks on my face
Bring out your dead now, blood oozing over my hands
She’s ready to knock down my gates by using her mystic flame